The Head of State Mr. Nursultan Nazarbayev opened New Terminal of the Astana International Airport

Created on 08.06.2017 11:53

On May 31, 2017 Mr. Nursultan Nazarbayev visited the new terminal of Astana International Airport.

To the Head of State presented the terminal’s capabilities, informed about new systems for improving the quality of service, and reported on measures to increase passenger traffic.

The construction project of the new airport terminal was implemented by NC “KTZh” JSC under the program “Nurly Zhol”.

The Head of NC “KTZh” JSC Mr. K. Alpysbayev noted that the new terminal with a total area of 47 thousand square meters includes four levels, three of which are for international flights, and the fourth is divided into an international recreation area and an area for domestic flight passengers. A modern security system has been installed in the terminal. There are 50 passport control booths and a luggage system standard EURO 2020, capable of handling up to 1,200 pieces of luggage per hour.

The opening of the new terminal will increase the airport’s capacity from 3 to 8.2 million passengers per year, will create 1,300 new jobs.

Currently, Astana Airport serves 18 airlines that operate flights in 24 international and 17 domestic destinations. From June 2017, the number of flights and destinations will increase to 45. Transit air transportation through the Republic Kazakhstan is growing, in 2022 they are expected to increase by 1.5 times comparing to the level of 2011.