Indra awarded key projects to turn Chengdu into the third airport hub in China

Created on 16.10.2018 08:31

Indra awarded key projects to turn Chengdu into

the third airport hub in China


The Chinese South West Air Traffic Management Bureau (SWATMB) has chosen Indra to implement some of the key systems that will help to turn the city of Chengdu into the country's third airport hub.

Chengdu is one of the pillars of China's economic activity and the gateway to whole of the west of the country. In recent years, the city's air traffic has continued to grow, taking the Chengdu-Shuangliu international airport close to its maximum capacity. Accordingly, there are plans to put a second international airport into service in 2020, Chengdu-Tianfu, with capacity to receive up to 100 million passengers a year.

To absorb the consequent huge increase in traffic, the SWATMB is building a new Terminal Area Control Centerwhich will be equipped with Indra Air Automation system. The system will automatically generate the flight plans for all aircraft, centralize information and distribute it to users. It will be in charge of controlling one of the most congested spaces in China and the world.

At these airports, Indra will also be responsible for implementing the first fully-integrated control tower system which will enter into operation in the country. The solution will facilitate the flow of information between both airport towers and the different control centers and data received from ground surveillance radars and other external information sources, such as the weather service. It will allow controllers to share a centralized and integrated image of the traffic situation.

The tower system will have EFS (Electronic Flight Strips), which will replace the paper strips on which controllers acknowledge the data and handle the flights for which they are responsible, and it will include a backup system and test and simulation equipment.