Boeing has conducted additional flight tests of the 737 MAX with new software

Created on 15.05.2019 09:09

Boeing has conducted additional flight tests of 737 MAX aircrafts with updated software in preparation for its certification, according to the RIA News

Exploitation of 737 MAX liners has been suspended worldwide due to software problems, which are supposed to be the cause of the two liners collapse over the past six months. From the company report, it follows that the additional costs for the production of aircraft model 737 MAX will be $ 1 billion.

"Boeing continues to move steadily along the certification path, completing the official engineering test flight with (updated) software - final technical flight tests before the certification flight. In general, our talented test pilots performed 146 flights at 737 MAX, having conducted a total of about 246 hours with updated software ", - said a company representative. He reminded that almost 90% of the more than 50 737 MAX operators worldwide have checked this software update.