Almaty airport’s preparedness for emergency after the tragedy at Sheremetyevo

Created on 15.05.2019 09:16

The safety of passengers at Almaty International Airport is provided on the highest level in accordance with the recommendations, prescribed in the rules and recommendations of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), according to Sputnik-Kazakhstan.

Around the clock, on duty at the airport are 25 people of the search and rescue flight services. In case of an emergency, the first special vehicle arrives to the place within three minutes. After another minute - the second vehicle. Constantly, on the shift are five units of airfield fire equipment.

 “At the Almaty airport there are three starting stations, from which, if necessary, operational rescue units depart. The main one is in the center of the runway. Two others - at the ends, from one and the other end. All these requirements, which are strictly observed in our country, are based on the recommendations of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)”, said Natalia Sokolova, press secretary of the Almaty airport.