Mitsubishi focuses on the redesign MRJ70 aircraft

Created on 07.06.2019 09:03

Mitsubishi Aircraft has announced the possibility of lengthening the MRJ70, the younger version of the regional jet aircraft under construction, the MRJ90, and plans to publish the details of the new configuration in the coming weeks, reports

These news have appeared when Mitsubishi entered the final phase of the long-running MRJ90 certification campaign. The redesign of the MRJ70, which the company first reported in November 2018, will allow the aircraft to be adapted to conditions with agreements with trade unions of pilots (scope clause) regulating regional transportation in the USA. Given the importance of the US regional market, the Japanese manufacturer is also strengthening its presence in North America around its new headquarter, which opened on May 10 in Renton, pc. Washington.