KLM is preparing a revolution in passenger aviation of the 21 century

Created on 17.06.2019 08:50

KLM, the Dutch airline, intends to make a revolution in passenger aviation. It introduced the new Flying-V aircraft of unusual shape, consuming 20% ​​less fuel than the Airbus A350, reports The Sun.

The Flying-V passenger aircraft is different from all pre-existing aircraft types. The matter is in its V-shape, which allows to place the passenger compartment, fuel tanks, cargo and other engine infrastructure, directly in the wings. This shape will reduce fuel consumption by 20% in comparison with the most economical modern cars.

According to the project, the aircraft’s length will be 65 meters, and the width will be slightly shorter - 55 meters. Such parameters will allow an unusual aircraft to use existing airports and their infrastructure. Flying-V will be able to accommodate 314 passengers, located in two aisles, one on each side of the V-form.

Scientists intend to submit a prototype aircraft in October this year. At the same time, the first tests will pass on the Flying-V stability and reliability under different flight modes, for example, at low speeds during lifting and landing. If the tests are successful, the aircraft will be part of the KLM fleet.