Summer corporate team building for employees of the Central office of the Enterprise

Created on 10.07.2019 10:06

In the recreation area "BalQaragai" was conducted a corporate team building - training seminars for central office employees of the Enterprise. Employees of the Enterprise were participated at the team building, a meal was also arranged (breakfast, lunch).

Byro Glaz Events team organized various games: Stage 1 - Big Jackpot, Stage 2 - Bungee, Stage 3 - Thought Cutter, Stage 4 - Technofan, Stage 5 - Gladiators, Stage 6 - Hot Show, Stage 7 - Big Ear, Stage 8 - Night Vision, Stage 9 - Success Scales, Stage 10 - Shark, Stage 11 - Bicycle Orchestra.

It may definitely be said, such events contribute to increasing the level of trust and support in the team, creating a personal responsibility and developing motivation for team results, developing a psychological connection between team members, an unity in achieving common goals, ensuring an openness of communications, which ultimately leads to productivity gains.