In 2020, passengers will fly without a passport

Created on 11.07.2019 08:44

In Canada and the Netherlands, the Known Traveler Digital Identity project has been launched, which will allow travelers to manage their biometric data using special services, including sharing it with customs and border services for quickly passing through the relevant control zones, reports The Sun.

The digital passports, containing all person information, including biometric data, are intended to start using in 2020. Air Canada and KLM will participate at this pilot project. According to the British edition, tourists will undergo all procedures at airports, simply holding their smartphones. Experts believe, the new technology will reduce queues and would nullify any cases of identity fraud.

For the record, a special mobile application not only allows to manage your own biometric and biographical information, but it works like a real identity card, contains an banking information and education data. In the future, it is planned that visas will be "placed" into the smartphone. The digital identification of travelers will be updated every time they cross a border, a border police will receive a guaranteed new data.