The website for the selection of candidates for the ATS dispatcher was launched

Created on 24.11.2017 15:21

On 5th of November, 2017 RSE "Kazaeronavigatsia" officially launched a website for the selection of perspective candidates for training in the profession "Air Traffic Control Manager" (hereinafter referred to as ATS controller).

The website contains: information about the profession itself, useful information for future professionals, including the important qualities a candidate should poses, as well as privileges and guarantees, rules and requirements of the selection process. The website also holds the latest news in the field of training of RSE "Kazaeronavigation". In order to see if perspective candidates are potentially suitable for the future profession of ATC controller, they can take a small online test in the form of computer game, that will give candidates a deeper understanding about the work of the ATS controller as well as help them make an important decision for themselves.

Now anyone can apply for this profession online by following the "submit application" tab. During the selection process all candidates will be required to pass three stages of the online testing. More information on the test and requirements can be found on the website

We invite you to visit our ATS controller training website to see if maybe you would like to master this profession.

Good Luck!