The Medical Center of «Kazaeronavigatsia» RSE

Only one in Kazakhstan the Medical Center with an innovative focus, medical equipment, meeting international standards, with a large human potential.Besides the implementation of the expert activities, the Medical Center provides treatment, diagnostic, rehabilitation services for aviation personnel, conducts dynamic observation between commission periods.

The Medical Center became a part of “Kazaeronavigatsia” RSE on September 18, 2013 in accordance with Government Decision №736 “On the reorganization of some Republican State Enterprises of Civil Aviation Committee of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan.”This decision was preceded by a letter of the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the Head of State Mr. N. Nazarbayev about the deteriorating situation in flight safety.There was marked the increase in the number of aviation events and were asked to “strengthen control over the health state of the crew members in the admission for flights and create a unified state medical flight expert commission.”

“Kazaeronavigatsia” RSE has a difficult task - the revival of the medical service of civil aviation, ensuring flights safety at the level of international standards, the removal of Kazakhstan from ICAO “black list”.

Now on the basis of the Medical Center it is operated one of the two existing in Kazakhstan the new powerful German digital X-ray complexes of “Siemens” company.It can be used to make pictures of high quality covering up to 190 cm with a lower radiation dose, the time of picture getting is reduced to 5 seconds.The center has two Italian ultrasonic scanners of expert class for ultrasonic examination of internals with obstetric and gynecological package and complete vascular package “MyLab 60” for echocardiography.Ophthalmological cabinet is fully equipped with Japanese, South Korean and German ophthalmological equipment “Topcon”, “Tomey”, “Neitz”, “Kawe” for non-contact measurement of intraocular pressure, electronic perimetry, autorefractometry.TheJapanese automatic biochemical and hematological blood analyzers “Sismex 1000” were purchased for functional studies – the South Korean electrocardiographs, the apparatus of daily monitoring of  arterial pressure and electrocardiogram, the Japanese video endoscope “Fudjinon” for fibrogastroduodenoscopy with ultra-tube for studies of the upper parts of the digestive tract.

At present the staffing of the Medical Equipment Center allows maximum conduct research at the Medical Center and ensure the accuracy of the results.

For further development and full coverage of the whole complex of medical services attached contingent is planned to provide the Medical Center not only by diagnostic medical equipment, but also rehabilitation. The Centre should ensure that disease prevention of aviation personnel has become targeted, diagnostics – informative, treatment – intensive, rehabilitation – complex.

The Medical Center has 75 staff members, including 36 doctors, 3 of which economist-manager, 1 PhD, 5 Excellence in health protection, 50% of doctors have qualifying categories, including aviation medicine. The categorization of nurses is 44%, and 50% of them have the highest category.

The constant training, including abroad, participation in international conferences, congresses, and support for international relations with leading aviation medical centers in the world (Norway, Germany, Romania, Russia, Moldova, Belarus) allows the Medical Center have a staff of doctors with advanced training and work experience in aviation medicine and occupy a worthy place in the departmental healthcare.

The work on the implementation of the medical electronic document management, the quality management system, the specialists of the Center are involved in the development of adapted single aviation requirements to the conditions of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Medical Center performs the functions of the Central medical-expert commission, where all the serious cases were considered, the work of all medical flight-expert commission of the Republic were reviewed.

The staff of the Medical Center continues to work based on the excellent traditions and examples of true service of aviation medicine, to love their work, the selfless work for the benefit of flight safety and professional longevity.