The capital airport has been awarded the EU certificate

Created on 25.11.2020 08:31

Nursultan Nazarbayev International Airport has completed procedures for the RA-3 (Regulated Agents Third country) certificate, which is an essential condition to simplify a cargo transportation across the European Union states, according to the airport's press service.

Currently, the Nur-Sultan airport is the only airport of Kazakhstan having a confirmed status. This certificate provides airlines to carry out cargo transportation from the capital's air harbor to the EU states  without any restrictions in terms of aviation security. “In fact, during the preliminary audit, I was deeply impressed by the quality of procedures at Nursultan Nazarbayev International Airport. I was very impressed by the strong "safety culture" which is reflected among airport employees, ”said the EU independent validator who conducted the RA-3 certification. This certificate confirms that the cargo handling process in the cargo terminal of the capital airport fully complies with European safety standards for all types of cargo.

“The RA-3 certification included an integrated audit of the cargo terminal facilities, aviation security procedures, as well as internal procedures related to personnel training. In addition, it must be noted that the availability of high-tech equipment and qualified personnel had a positive impact on the audit results. The RA-3 status completely changes the picture: since that date, all air carriers will be able to automatically use the right to transport goods to the EU countries, which allows any (including European) airlines to freely operate through the capital air gates".