International news

Created on 22.10.2020 08:41 AJW has launched a discount store of aircraft spare parts Created on 20.10.2020 09:09 China has launched the largest airport expansion program Created on 19.10.2020 09:05 Dubai has canceled the coronavirus test upon arrival for Kazakhstan Created on 16.10.2020 16:09 Singapore Airlines has presented new ways to earn Created on 15.10.2020 08:26 Etihad Airways will issue electronic bracelets to tourists Created on 14.10.2020 08:38 IATA proposes to implement COVID tests before foreign flights instead of quarantine Created on 12.10.2020 09:40 EU intends to upgrade airspace management Created on 09.10.2020 08:40 Lufthansa will reduce a fleet and staff members Created on 06.10.2020 09:31 Airbus presented three hydrogen-fueled concept aircrafts Created on 05.10.2020 08:42 Delta Airlines has developed anti-microbial trays for airport security screening Created on 01.10.2020 09:19 USA cancels an enhanced screening for COVID-19 Created on 30.09.2020 08:30 Singapore Airlines would launch "flights to nowhere" Created on 24.09.2020 09:29 The 11th "Airport of the Future - 2020" International conference and exhibition will be conducted in Moscow Created on 21.09.2020 08:45 Etihad passengers infected with coronavirus would get paid for treatment and quarantine Created on 17.09.2020 08:31 Turkish Airlines trade union reduce salaries in half to prevent staff reductions Created on 14.09.2020 08:39 Swiss pilot jumped from solar-powered aircraft for the first time Created on 11.09.2020 08:38 Norwegian Air might go bankrupt in early 2021 Created on 09.09.2020 08:50 IATA: the level of proposed assistance to airlines is insufficient Created on 08.09.2020 08:38 Japanese company has found a way to travel without taking off Created on 04.09.2020 11:43 Two international air companies returned to Borispol airport Created on 28.08.2020 10:02 Ministry of Health of Ukraine has updated the list of countries in the red and green zone Created on 27.08.2020 08:43 Dubai airport started using dogs to detect COVID-19. Dubai authorities are now recruiting dogs to help fight the coronavirus at the airport, reports RIA News Created on 26.08.2020 12:50 ICAO implementation roadmap to provide important support and resources to help align national and regional COVID-19 response Created on 21.08.2020 09:28 Sketches of the world's fastest passenger aircraft appeared on the net Created on 18.08.2020 09:55 Designers have presented sketches of an "antimicrobial" cabin Created on 17.08.2020 09:50 Emirates returns giant Airbuses to the sky Created on 14.08.2020 11:25 Airbus has introduced a new flying taxi under the title CityAirbus Created on 13.08.2020 09:56 European airports will recover only by 2024 - forecast Created on 12.08.2020 11:05 British Airways will abandon the Boeing 747 aircrafts Created on 11.08.2020 10:33 Russia and Uzbekistan are considering the establishment of a low-cost airline