Aktau branch staff solemnly congratulated the employee on the anniversary

Created on 25.11.2020 10:26

Aktau branch staff solemnly congratulated Raushan Shalabayevna Tastemirova on her 50th birthday.

Raushan Shalabayevna was born on November 20, 1970 in the village of Kyzylasker, Beyneu region. In 1991, she graduated from the Aktobe Electrotechnical College of Communications with a degree in Automatic Telecommunications. Since 2006, she has been working as a REFSC technician (Radio Engineering Flight Support Complex) at the Aktau branch. She made a great contribution during the commissioning of the Beyneu transponder and later in operating the Beyneu remote position. Over the period, she has succeeded in establishing herself as a literate specialist and conscientious employee, she is respected in a team.

We wish Raushan Shalabayevna good health, personal happiness, family well-being, and continued success in her future undertakings.