EASA described conditions for the resumption of Boeing 737 Max flights in Europe

Created on 27.11.2020 14:29

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has described a set of conditions under which the Boeing 737 MAX of European airlines would be able to operate. Key requirements relate to a MCAS software updates which had resulted in disasters of two aircrafts and new pilot training.

Besides, aircrafts are needed to be shifted the wiring, update the software so that information might have displayed in case of discrepancy between the data sensors and upgrade the Flight Manual. Commercial flights will be available after testing updates.

“Every time, when the issue seemed to be solved, we were digging deeper and asked even more questions. As a result, we have got a detailed and comprehensive analysis of how an aircraft operates and how pilots managed it. This gave us confidence the 737 MAX is safe now”, said Patrick Key, EASA CEO.

Currently, the agency will compile the offers within 28 days, after which they will issue an airworthiness guideline, wherein airlines would resume commercial flights of the 737 MAX modele.

On November 18, the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued a similar guideline. This enabled US air carriers and the Boeing to launch the necessary modifications and pilot training.