RSE "Kazaeronavigatsia" specialists took part in the DFS Academy workshop (Langen, Germany)

Created on 16.05.2018 09:25

Based on the invitation of the German air navigation service DFS (Langen, Germany), at the DFS Academy was organized workshop for 5 specialists of the RSE «Kazaeronavigatsia».

During the workshop the training process of ATC Ab initio course with attendance DFS Academy’s ATC training simulator was studied, also training programs for air traffic controllers (OJTI trainers) and AFIS specialists. DFS Academy has a very equipped simulator base, including ATC Tower 3D training simulator with a 360 degree view (full simulation of the control tower).

Since 2017 the RSE "Kazaeronavigatsia" introduced the new system of selection of candidates for ATCOs, based on the experience of the DFS Academy, which significantly improved the quality of personnel selection.

The DFS Academy is also ready to assist in bringing the training system of the PTC and the future center in Astana to the European norms and standards EU 2015/340, by organizing an internship and training the instructors of the PTC in conducting courses for the initial preparation of air traffic controllers.