About operation of the GIS Meteo software complex of the Shymkent subsidiary

Created on 18.06.2018 09:34

About operation of the GIS Meteo software complex of  the Shymkent subsidiary

At the end of 2017 the GIS Meteo software complex was installed by the specialist of the “Research and Production Center” Map Maker” LLC to the meteorological unit of the Shymkent subsidiary of the “Kazaeronavigatsia” RSE. On issues of operation of the workplace forecaster “GIS Meteo - ARM Synoptica” conducted training of specialists.

One has to write a few words about what is a software complex in a Microsoft Windows environment (GIS Meteo)? First of all, it is a universal tool of a meteorologist, designed for manufacturing, processing and documenting meteorological maps on a personal computer. The Meteo GIS software complex is used to organize the operational work of meteorologists, including meteorological units of airports, aerodromes and air traffic control centers.

GIS Meteo allows you to:

1) make the geographical basis of chart of any territory;

2) choose meteorological parameters from the database and apply them to the map in various forms (values, isolines, color fields);

3) draw frontal lines and lines of other types on the chart;

4) build on the chart the trajectory model based on actual and prognostic data;

5) form the accompanying text to the chart;

6) chart the names of cities and / or weather station indexes;

7) combine different data on one chart;

8) memorize the prepared forms and charts for use in further work;

9) build charts automatically according to the schedule;

10) view the available meteorological charts on the display screen;

11) output charts on the printing device.