Exercises “Batys-2018”

Created on 04.10.2018 09:43

Exercises Batys-2018”

From September 17 to September 27, 2018, the command and staff exercises “Batys-2018” were held in the area of the Aktau aerodrome. The combat aviation, military transport, unmanned aerial vehicles took part in the exercises.

According to preliminary estimates by the management of the Ministry of Defense, the objectives of the exercise have been achieved. The troops received experience and practice of conducting combat operations in the western region in the conditions of the desert terrain, demonstrated high field training, carried out the assigned tasks.

To ensure the conduct of the exercise, it was necessary to transport a large number of military personnel, as well as to transfer military equipment in the shortest possible time.

In order to ensure flights of combat aviation and UAV flights, the short-term restrictions were developed and introduced. The flights of civil aircraft under the control of the ATS air traffic controller were provided by the interaction in the joint management group.

For the entire period, 22 restrictions were introduced, 8 of which had a duration of more than 10 hours. There were no delays in flights related to the conduct of the Batys-2018 exercise. In some cases, a civil aircraft quiz was used to bypass the flight restriction zones.