The refresher training course “Stress and Fatigue management [HUM-SFM]” at the Eurocontrol Institute

Created on 17.10.2018 15:02

The refresher training course “Stress and Fatigue management [HUM-SFM]” at the Eurocontrol Institute

In the period from 2 to 4 October 2018, two specialists of the Safety Management and Quality Department were trained at the Eurocontrol Institute of Air Navigation Services at the courses on the program “Stress and Fatigue management [HUM-SFM], due to the amendment 50-В since November 5, 2020 to the International Standards and Recommended Practices “Air Traffic Services” (Annex 11 to the ICAO Convention on International Civil Aviation) concerning fatigue management processes of air traffic controllers.

This course is based on the EASA and ICAO safety regulatory requirements related to stress and fatigue management.

The main objective of this course was to familiarize participants with the key factors causing stress and fatigue of the ATC staff during air traffic services, as well as to conduct a risk assessment of possible consequences and develop strategies to reduce these risks.

The course participants were familiarized with university research and practical examples from experts in this field, which makes it possible to combine theoretical and practical knowledge on fatigue issues in the provision of air traffic control service.

At the end of the course, our specialists successfully passed the final test and received certificates.