New opportunities of the "Aulie-ATA” airport

Created on 28.02.2019 15:10

                               New opportunities of the "Aulie-ATA” airport

     The aviation industry in the country actively continues  growing. The network of large air transport hubs is expanding and their  traffic  capacity is increasing. In 2018, Kazakh airlines transported 7.9 million passengers and opened 14 new routes.

     From February 15 current year,  JSC “ International Airport Aulie-Ata ” together with the  Zhambyl subsidiary  of the RSE “Kazaeronavigatsia” switched to round-the-clock mode of  24/7 format.

     Due  to the transition round-the-clock mode ,  advantageous geographical position on the main air lines and the technical abilities of the aerodrome facility, the airport is now ready to serve flights as a back-up  aerodrome as an alternative to Almaty, Tashkent, Bishkek and Shymkent airports.

       The start of flights of “Fly Arystan”  AK will be an expected event for internal  tourists, which can take an advantage of low fares on internal and regional routes all over  Kazakhstan. From May 1, 2019, flights from Almaty will be operated daily to ancient city Taraz.

     Also, the airport serves  aircrafts of the airline "S7 Siberia", “Somon Air”, “Tajik Air” and “Ural Airlines”, operating flights with a technical landing from the Republics of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan to the Russian Federation cities.

    Switching to round-the-clock mode will allow to attract additional flights and increase  the amount of work, improving  the interest of the region’shabitants  in the use of air transport, which will have a beneficial effect on the image of the city.