The era decline of two-storied Airbus A380

Created on 05.03.2019 13:47

Airbus A380 - the biggest passenger aircraft in the history of civil aviation. Two floors of luxury and comfort which carry passengers from one point of the world to another - goes off  the conveyor in 2021.

On February 14, 2019, the concern had  announced the discontinuation of production it’s largest aircraft, - the Airbus A380. This is due to the fall in demand for this giant.

At the moment, about  230 copies have been produced, which are used by 15 airlines.

The cost of one unit  is about 500 million euros.

With a huge capacity of 850 passengers in a single-class layout, the Airbus A380 can make non-stop flights up to 15,400 km. The direct competitor the Boeing 747 holds a maximum to 620 passengers.