The team of Aktau subsidiary of "Kazaeronavigatsia" RSE has celebrated the Amal holiday

Created on 15.03.2019 08:26

March 14 is one of the most ancient holidays of  Kazakh nation – Qorisu quni (handshake day). Spring meeting tradition, which is currently still exist only in the western region of the country. Also, people call this holiday the Amal.

This is a celebration of pure thoughts and good intentions, a celebration of humanitarianism that helps to strengthen fraternal feelings, relationships between relatives and habitants of villages and regions, calling to forget hurts and renew communication with beginning of  New Year, raise it to a new level. Amal is a holiday of peace and kindness.

During the Amal, employees wished each other happy holiday and  the most sincere wishes for dastarkhan (the table).