Airplane of amazing shape Airbus BelugaXL landed first in the UK

Created on 26.03.2019 08:25

The plane, perhaps, of the most unusual shape - in the shape of the beluga whale first tapped the British land. A new generation transport airliner, called the BelugaXL, was created by the European company Airbus for transfer of oversized aircraft parts.

The flying “truck” made its regular flight as part of a one-year test program. It has started from the aerodrome near the aircraft factory in Toulouse, flew over the Filton factory where the wings were made, and landed at Houarden Airport in English Broughton.  At the moment, the aircraft is passing landing tests, and the first aircraft of this series will be commissioned  into operation in the mid-2019.

The new model BelugaXL is 6 m longer and 1 m wider than its predecessor BelugaST and can carry more 6 tons. For example, to take on board both wings of the A350 XWB jet airliner at the same time, while the previous model could hold only one. Huge engines  made in the UK, at the Rolls Royce factory  in Derby. The cost of the air "truck" is around 1 billion USD.