New Kazakhstan discounter FlyArystan chose the first directions

Created on 04.04.2019 08:35

FlyArystan will operate on the principle of a global low-cost airline, in which the additional services and services such as seat selection, luggage, on-board meals, passenger acquires according to their preferences.

From March 29, the first Kazakhstani low-cost airline FlyArystan opened the sale of tickets for its own flights. On the carrier’s official website, at the moment, only two directions can be chosen: from the southern capital - Almaty to the Taraz and Uralsk cities.

The first flight FlyArystan plans to perform on May 1, at the  Taraz city. The cost of a ticket for a 60 minutes flight starts from 4999 tg in one way. Apparently, other airlines do not operate direct flights on this route.

On May 2, the low-cost airline intends to start flights to the administrative center of the West Kazakhstan region, the Uralsk city. The ticket price for the flight starts from 12999 tg in one way. For comparison: according to the booking system of the Kazakhstan national carrier Air Astana, a ticket for a direct flight along a similar route in the "partially flexible" category for residents of the country costs 43,806 tenge one way, i.e., three times more expensive.

It should be reminded, FlyArystan is Air Astana subdivision. The low-coster created in 2018 on behalf of the first president of the republic, Nursultan Nazarbayev, in order to increase the availability of air transportation services for the population.

Initially, FlyArystan will use the parent operator airline certificate , but in the future it can get its own. The operator will perform mainly domestic flights, but later it is expected that the route network will be expanded in the near abroad directions.

The low-cost airline fleet will consist of four Airbus 320 aircrafts (with 180 economy class seats), which will be transferred from the Air Astana fleet. In 2022, it is planned to increase the airline’s fleet to 15 aircrafts, which will be based in different cities of Kazakhstan.