Grand meeting dedicated to the independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Created on 20.12.2018 15:44

RSE "kazaeronavigatsiya" held a grand meeting dedicated to the independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In his report, the General Director of the RSE "kazaeronavigatsiya" A. Bekturov noted the importance of independence Day as the main state holiday of modern Kazakhstan. It marked the birth of a new sovereign and independent country — the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Thanks to the wise and strategically verified policy of the Head of state, a new state with a developed economy, a stable political system and united society was created in a short time.

To the tape of the country's achievements over the years of independence can be attributed the creation in Kazakhstan of a modern air traffic management system with a developed infrastructure that provides safe air navigation services in accordance with international standards.

On the eve of the main state holiday, the Director General awarded the employees of the enterprise, who made a significant contribution to the development of air navigation services of the Republic - anniversary medals, departmental awards and diplomas.

The grand meeting continued with a festive concert program.

Independence day is a special holiday, it is in the heart of every citizen. Let our Motherland — the Republic of Kazakhstan live and prosper!