The diagnostics of doppler meteorological radar was carried out in the Aktau branch of RSE "Kazaeronavigatsiya"

Created on 13.09.2018 16:14

In early September the specialists of "VK Project" LLP conducted diagnostics of Doppler meteorological radar (DMRL) of double polarization, which allows meteorologists-forecasters to promptly monitor the development of SYNOPTIC scale processes (atmospheric fronts, squall lines, precipitation zones), also use radar information in the preparation of aviation forecasts and warnings about dangerous weather phenomena associated with cumulonimbus clouds and precipitation zones In Aktau branch of RSE "kazaeronavigatsiya". Radar information is providing on-line to aircraft crews before departure during the pre-flight meteorological consultation in order to see the trend of the SYNOPTIC process along the entire route. This makes it possible to improve flight safety and meet the requirements of the ICAO international civil aviation organization.