West Kazakhstan RC ATS is introducing a new training center

Created on 02.08.2018 16:45

The branch of "WK RC ATS" is currently installing and testing a new training complex "AT Tower" for the training of dispatchers of the Tower.

The main task of the tower Manager is to ensure the safe and orderly movement of aircraft, helicopters and other aircraft at airfields and in the airspace up to 6100 m.

This training simulator with high accuracy imitates the atmosphere of the workplace Manager, including a review with the dispatcher, "the Tower".  

This will make it possible to recreate various options for situations (including non-standard) in the airspace for high-quality training and training of tower controllers and, accordingly, reduce the risks of adverse situations when servicing aircraft flights.

Specialists of the operation of radio equipment and communication service solved organizational issues arising during the installation of the training complex, actively participated in solving technical problems.