Preparation for the Kazakh-Russian forum of cross-border cooperation

Created on 18.06.2018 10:37

Airport is the face of the city, this is the first thing that a guest who arrived at the Northern gate of Kazakhstan – the city of Petropavlovsk will see. From 2014 to 2017, the airport was reconstructed, including the terminal building, repair and extension of the runway, apron, replacement of the light signal system.

This year, the Kazakh-Russian forum of cross-border cooperation with the participation of heads of state is held in Petropavlovsk. In this regard, the branch faces great challenges. The update will affect the branch building, tower and other facilities. The work is scheduled to be completed by the first of October this year.

But, the main task – quality of service for the flights arriving at this time in Petropavlovsk. A program is developed and implemented  for the training of ATS and ERTOS personnel to service air traffic during this period, including flights of heads of state.

We will inform all the readers of our website about the activities carried out in preparation for the international meeting in Petropavlovsk.