The team of Aktau branch of RSE "Kazaeronavigatsiya" made its debut in the mini-football tournament.

Created on 01.06.2018 11:27

A traditional tournament on mini-football was held among the employees of the media Cup sports website
This year the tournament gathered 6 teams. At the conclusion of group games in the semifinals there were 4 teams:, Mangystau TV, OF "the Development of football in Kazakhstan", and the debutant of the tournament, the team of Aktau branch of RSE "Kazaeronavigatsiya".
A spectacular game was between the two-time champion of the tournament OF "Development of football of Kazakhstan" and the team of Aktau branch of RSE "Kazaeronavigatsiya", in which debutants beat two-time Champions.
According to the results of mini-football team Aktau branch of RSE "Kazaeronavigatsiya" took second place. The team included the Manager of Aktau branch of RSE "Kazaeronavigatsiya" - Kozhanov R. I., Turuspekov E. K., Nabiyev A. Z. and Adyrov A. K.
Kozhanov R. I. was awarded in the nomination "Best defender", Turuspekov E. K. in the nomination "Best goalkeeper".