"Munara" opened on 31 May 2018 in Atyrau branch of RSE "Kazaeronavigatsiya"

Created on 31.05.2018 11:52

In may 1977 at the new airport in Guryev was put into operation command and control center (KDP) with a control tower. Exactly 41 years later, from may 31, 2018, a new technical building with a control tower "Munara"is put into operation. The new control tower "Munara" is three times higher than the height of the control tower on the old KDP: the height of the new tower is 39 m, as a result, the review of the Atyrau airport has improved. The technical building with the Munara control tower was built in accordance with international standards.    

Since may 31, 2018 in Atyrau branch of RSE "kazaeronavigatsiya" service of air traffic with new DP "Munara"is begun. Control stations on "Munara" are equipped with the latest means of radio technical support of flights and communication, which bring the safety of flights in the area of responsibility of the branch to a new level. Jobs in the new building "Munara" have all systems of life (independent heating, Central air conditioning, recreation room, psychological unloading room, sports equipment, etc.), providing optimal operation in air traffic control.

As a result of the competent investment policy of the management of RSE "kazaeronavigatsiya", Atyrau branch in a short period of time is equipped with the latest means of navigation, surveillance and communication, providing trouble-free operation of radio equipment to ensure flights in the maintenance of air traffic.