The work of experienced air traffic controller - where right course reigns

Created on 17.04.2019 09:24

On April 12, in order to raise young people's interest to the activities of air traffic controllers RSE "Kazaeronavigatsia" held a presentation for students of 10-11 grades of Physical-technical Lyceum №73 in Nur-Sultan city. Future graduates showed a great interest to the presentation. For many students and teachers, the existence of the profession of ATCO and a high degree of responsibility for the safety of the sky, the importance of rapid decision-making became a discovery.

Every air traffic controller knows that hundreds of lives in the air space depend on his decisions. Deputy Director of the Department of administrative and personnel work Mr. Smagulov B.S. told about the history of the enterprise, the social life of ATCOs. The big attention was strengthened on the abilities that candidate should have before applying for the position of ATCO. The Head of operations of the branch "Central Kazakhstan RС ATS" Kitibaev M.J. shared his own 30-year experience in the air navigation service, he spoke about unexpected situations in which the air traffic controller must quickly disperse the aircraft to a safe distance.

By the end of the presentation, the students were shown a documentary film "Sky Commanders". Have You ever thought about the fact that where an experienced air traffic controller works, the right course reigns, and every action of the team of specialists is thought out?