In Petropavlovsk branch of RSE "Kazaeronavigatsiya" on February 1, 2019 the Doppler meteorological radar of C-band (DMRL-SA) was put into operation.

Created on 01.02.2019 11:48

DMRL-C provides the meteorological information needed to improve flight safety and the quality of operational air traffic services. DMRL is designed to display various meteorological data at different altitudes, calculate and display the wind speed and direction to the height of the upper limit of detection of meteorological objects, maps of vertical and horizontal wind shear, turbulence, calculate and display the intensity of precipitation for any time interval, determine dangerous weather events (hail, thunderstorm, squall amplification of wind, intense rain and snow, strong turbulence), display the speed and direction of movement of cloud systems, the issuance of radar information in the required codograms. Given the periodically severe weather conditions, this locator is equipped with a radio-transparent shelter. The locator is made by the Russian scientific production Association "Almaz", which produces radar stations since 1952.

In addition to improving the quality of air traffic services, weather radar will facilitate the work of municipal services of the city of Petropavlovsk and the region as a whole. The incoming information will also be used in the preparation of meteorological services in the North Kazakhstan region.