The installation of ATIS equipment in Pavlodar branch

Created on 22.04.2019 10:06

As a part of implemening the development plan of RSE "Kazaeronavigatsiya" for 2017-2021, Pavlodar branch is carrying out a gradual installation of ATIS (automatic terminal information service) equipment designed for automatic transmission of current meteorological and operational navigation information in the airfield area in English and Russian languages in accordance with Kazakhstan and international normative documents.

Currently, the specialists of "TIS" LLP installed and configured the receiving and transmitting equipment. The next step per the contract with LLC "Firm "NITA" will be the installation of a Complex of automation of information broadcasting "Amethyst" (KSA IV "Amethyst"), which is a source of information for transmitting equipment ATIS.

ATIS is an independent unit providing aviation support to aircraft crews and plays an supplimentary role in air navigation services.

The use of ATIS will reduce the load on the air traffic controller, thereby freeing him from the routine operations of collecting and transferring to the crews of aircraft rapidly changing weather conditions in the areas of ATC and airfields.