Job familiarization day at Nazarbayev Intellectual School

Created on 29.04.2019 08:51

One of the central and fateful question in the life of every person, in his professional career is finding, choosing and mastering a profession.

On April 23, 2019, career-oriented work was organized by representatives of the "Kazaeronavigatsia" RSE at Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools of the city of Karagandy for familiarization and for the purpose of expression of interest in the activities of air traffic controllers

Information about the scope of activities, the main mission to ensure safety and quality, and the structural component of our organization was provided during the presentation. In addition, the procedure of applying for the initial training of air traffic controllers, the learning process and the environment in an educational institution were described in detail in living example by inviting a trainee ATC for the presentation.

In turn, students showed an increased interest in the profession, many questions were asked about the activities of the air traffic controller. The students showed high intelligence and literacy in the field of aviation, which augur well, both for the future specialists of our organization and for our country as a whole.