Created on 03.05.2019 14:45

Air traffic controller is an expert in air traffic, who ensuring the safe, efficient, regular and orderly movement of aircrafts. The air traffic controller’s job has always been considered special. Few people have seen or heard  air traffic controller at work, so they a  little imagine how it happens. What exactly is included in the professional duties and how to become the air traffic controller? Pupils of the senior classes of the Shymkent schools learned about it.

In order to popularize the profession and attract young people to the air navigation area, Shymkent subsidiary specialists of the ATM department conducted proforientation lessons in a number of urban schools.

High school students were introduced to air traffic controller history, presented it description and options, spoke about the necessary professional qualities of an air traffic controller and the health requirements.

Representing “Kazaeronavigatsia” RSE, the speakers spoke about the company's activities, and special attention was given to the development of air navigation in southern Kazakhstan, related to the preparatory measures for construction of the Turkestan city airport; and increasing need for qualified personnel.

Speaking about education, schoolchildren got acquainted with training centers where is being held air traffic controller’s education, the training requirements for candidates  and the stages of selection.

 At the end of each lesson of the proforientation,  high school students had the opportunity to talk to young air traffic controllers who had  just recently completed education, but have already received permission to work independently, it  aroused great interest and  many-sided questions.