New specialists are coming among Air Traffic Controllers of “Kazaeronavigatsia” RSE

Created on 06.05.2024 17:36

The graduation of ab-initio training group of air traffic controllers was held at the Professional Training Center of “Kazaeronavigatsia” RSE.

10 students received certificates of successful completion of professional training of air traffic controllers. This is the 26th graduation since the formation of the Professional Training Center. According to the instructors, the group showed good results, the average score in the subjects was no lower than 4.5 out of 5 maximum, and in the final exercise on the simulator, the graduates performed at their best.

During the year, students successfully mastered the theoretical, practical and simulator parts of the training. It is worth noting that theoretical training was carried out in 13 modules. In addition, future air traffic controllers received working level 4 of English language proficiency on the ICAO scale, and the only graduate who received level 5 was Aishat Duisenbay. Proficiency in English is a necessary knowledge for servicing international flights over the airspace of Kazakhstan.

At the ceremonial meeting for presenting certificates of training completion, Mrs. Zhanot Urtembayeva, the Director of the Professional Training Center, spoke with parting words, wishing the graduates accident-free air traffic services, a good instructor and good luck in their future work.

In the near future, graduates of the Professional Training Center will be distributed throughout Kazakhstan, some of them will go to the regions, while others will work in cities of republican significance. There they will undergo an internship under the guidance of experienced instructors and only after this stage will they be allowed to work independently.