Career guidance of the Ministry of Transport with schoolchildren

Created on 14.05.2024 16:53

Capital schoolchildren learned first-hand about the transport industry. The head of the Ministry of Transport, Marat Karabaev, held an open microphone meeting with school graduates in Astana.

“The head of state put in charge to intensify efforts to strengthen the country’s transport and logistics potential. Professional personnel are the key to successful development of any field. Our meeting is aimed at explaining the importance of the transport sector. The transport industry plays a key role in society's mobility. In this regard, human resources play a huge role in the development of the industry. We hope that the Q&A event will help you better understand how the transport sector can become your calling and inspire you for future achievements,” said Marat Karabaev.

Leading companies in the transport industry, including the «Kazaeronavigatsia» RSE, took part in the event together with schoolchildren. During the meeting, experts shared their experience and knowledge in various aspects of transport activities: from work on the railway to aviation and maritime transport. Air traffic controller Bauyrzhan Izzhanov elaborate on the profession of air traffic controller and what skills and knowledge are needed for a successful career in the air navigation industry, what opportunities this sector provides for professional development, as well as what challenges and prospects await young specialists .

In turn, representatives of industry higher education institutions shared information about specializations and training programs that will help prepare specialists for work in various fields of transport, such as logistics, aviation, maritime and road transport.

The Ministry of Transport is currently working to train personnel in the transport industry. It is worth noting that today the issue of shortage of qualified personnel is particularly important. Currently, the total need for automobile, railway and aviation specialists is about 9 thousand. At the same time, more than 16 thousand students are studying in 39 universities. However, only 441 students study in the specialties “Construction of roads and aerodromes”, “Construction of bridges and transport tunnels”, “Construction of railways”.

Thus, the Ministry of Transport, together with the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, is constantly working to increase the grants provided for these specialties.