A record number of flights were served in the airspace of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Created on 20.05.2024 09:37

In 2023, in the airspace of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the specialists of “Kazaeronavigatsia” RSE serviced 415 497 flights, of which were 107 247 Kazakhstan and 308 250 foreign airlines. This figure is a record for all the years of the country’s independence. Thanks to the effective work of the Ministry of Transport, the Civil Aviation Committee, the Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan and “Kazaeronavigatsia” RSE in developing the aviation industry, the number of flights increases every year. Compared to 2015, the figure has almost doubled.

In just three months of this year, more than 90 thousand air flights were serviced in the airspace of the Republic of Kazakhstan, including 25 thousand flights operated by Kazakhstan airlines and 69 thousand flights operated by foreign airlines.

Today, “Kazaeronavigatsia” RSE is engaged in organizing air traffic throughout the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2.7 million square kilometers), the total length of controlled air routes is 111 thousand kilometers. On average, the Enterprise services over 400 thousand aircraft flights per year.

“Kazaeronavigatsia” RSE is a large Enterprise that includes 4 regional centers, 11 branches, 16 remote positions, the Medical Center and the Professional Training Center.

The main goal of the Enterprise is to ensure safety in the airspace of the Republic of Kazakhstan.