Petropavlovsk Airport receives a new international flight

Created on 31.05.2019 10:38

At the end of the 50’s of the last century, the residents of Petropavlovsk, for the first time, on a direct flight Almaty-Petropavlovsk-Moscow, could get to the capital of the USSR by plane Il-14.
As time went on, in the 80s, the number of flights at Petropavlovsk airport reached 100 flights per day. To Moscow flew up to 3 flights a day.
Years passed, a lot has changed and, unfortunately, not always for the better, and since the end of the 90s regular flights to Moscow have been canceled.
But progress is relentless! Most recently, Petropavlovsk airport has reconstructed. We have a new runway, lighting equipment, locators, navigation systems - all this allowed us to start, not as quickly as we would like, but move up! Since May 29, the international direct flight Moscow-Petropavlovsk-Moscow, by SuperJet 100, has been added to our national flights.
Believe me, for Petropavlovsk it is more than a flight – we have been waiting for it more than 20 years.
The plane arrived on schedule, according to tradition, it met by a water arch with fire engines. The specialists of the airport and the Kazaeronavigatsia subsidiary made everything for ensuring flight. The regional administration prepared a solemn meeting on the platform, girls in national costumes welcomed the crew and passengers. Now, the connection with Moscow is not only history, but also the opportunity to be in the center of a giant hub in three hours, connecting the flights with hundreds of cities and countries. The flight operates once a week, but it’s no doubt in a good loading. We are sure that the passenger will quickly get used to the fact that this flight exist.
And from June of this year, on the Boeing aircraft, Scat airline, we begin to fly on the route Petropavlovsk - Sharm el-Sheikh.
We are glad to welcome you at the Petropavlovsk airport!