Training exercises conducted at the "Aulie-Ata" airport in Taraz

Created on 03.06.2019 12:14

On May 29, at the airport “Aulie-Ata”, training exercises were conducted to simulate tactics of interacting services, an anti-epidemic measures in identifying a patient with suspected cholera on the aircraft board.
 The ATM department, Zhambyl subsidiary of the RSE “Kazaeronavigatsia” has made a notification to related services, in accordance with the approved notification scheme, based on the developed teaching legend.
In exercises were involved: Public Health in Transport Department, Public Health Committee of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Zhambyl Anti-Plague Station, National Center of Expertise, the Regional Emergency Medical Station, the Children's Infectious Diseases Hospital, the police service and the “Aulie-Ata” airport services.
The following persons were invited at the exercises: Taraz Emergency Situations Department, Akimat Health Department of Zhambyl region, mass-media and the Taraz Akimat.
The purpose of these exercises was tactic improvement of joint actions of the Sanitary and Quarantine control Division, Airport Service workers, organizations and facilities, in detecting a patient with suspected cholera. According to preliminary estimates, the exercises were successful.