Retirement - life is just beginning

Created on 04.06.2019 12:31

The retirement is an important moment in the life of everyone, because it’s a result of the professional activity. As a rule, colleagues want to make this event joyful and memorable.

On May 30, 2019, an event hosted ceremonially, dedicated to a well-deserved rest of Shabanova Natalia Timofeyevna, meteorological technician, second category.

Natalya Timofeyevna has given almost 40 years to the Aeronautical Meteorology Service, her career began in 1980. She performed her work with honor and dignity. She has gained honor and respect among colleagues and leadership. Having a great experience, her professional knowledge constantly were transferred to colleagues.

On behalf of the branch manager (director), the letter was awarded for excellent and long-term work with words of gratitude and wishes.