Finnair has begun performing biofuel flights

Created on 08.08.2019 10:40

Finnair Airlines, as a member of the EU Emissions Trading System, has started operating on biofuels, according to the carrier.
So far, these are only two flights from Helsinki to San Francisco and backwards, due to complex logistics, using and purchasing for  biofuels from SkyNRG, the only global producer, based in California,  manufactaring biofuels from used cooking oils.
Finnair flights, departing from San Francisco to Helsinki and back, will be operated, using a biofuel mixture by 12%, which will reduce the total CO2 emissions of these two flights approximately by 32 tons”, the carrier reports.
The EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) establish a common limit for all CO2 emissions from power stations, energy-intensive industries and civil aviation.