Holographic flights will appear in 100 years

Created on 09.08.2019 09:48

British Airways and Foresight Factory research agency have presented how a plane flight will be looked in 100 years. These flights will be with holograms instead of air stewards, and special food additives will be offered to passengers for facilitating acclimatization, according to Travel Daily Media.
British Airways report emphasizes, consumers demand more and more personalization. This led experts to the insight that in the future, every place will be equipped with a biological scanner for collecting data on the physiological and nutritional preferences of travelers. Such information will allow the passenger to offer food and drinks in accordance with individual needs, which can be printed in 3D format directly on board. Acclimatization at the destination will be a thing of the past, as 3D printers will also be used to print personalized medical supplements, making easier human condition upon arrival.
In the future, passengers will also be able to use cloud-based entertainment profiles during the flight. Not excluded, in decades,  “classes” will disappear, and passengers would order an individual package of services on board, customizable to person wishes.