Country rating where flights are most often delayed

Created on 13.08.2019 09:52

Passengers are often faced with delays or flights cancellations in such countries, a sGreece, Germany and China, as AirHelp study revealed, a company specializing in protecting rights of air transport passengers.
The analysis was conducted among the 15 most popular countries in March-June 2019. According to the study  results, it became known, that in China, passengers most often have problems with departure: for the studied period of time they were delayed for 15 minutes or almost every third flight was canceled. The second place in the list of the most non-punctual countries was taken by Germany, where 25% of delays occur at airports, the third place went to Greece - 24% of delays.
Also, AirHelp noted, that in southern countries, where tourists most often relax in the summer, there are fewer difficulties with departure - in Italy about 20% of delays, in Cyprus - 17.5%, in Bulgaria - 16%.
The most punctual in the ranking were the CIS destinations - Kazakhstan (12%), Moldova (9%) and Belarus (6%).