Taraz Airport begins operating as CargoHub

Created on 13.08.2019 11:53

For the first time in history, Aulie-Ata International Airport, Taraz city, is hosting a Mongolian Airways Cargo aircraft for implementation cargo flight program in cooperation with SCAT.
The first carrier, involving the SCAT Airlines and Aulie-Ata Airport joint program for development of cargo transportation, is Mongolian Airways Cargo, the largest Mongolian air carrier.
This is the first great step towards the further development of freight transportation from Iran, Turkey and Western China with a gradual increase of e-commerce products and postal items.
Cargo aircraft basing at Taraz Airport will open up new opportunities for implementing a plan on creation largest cargo hub at the Taraz airport , which will undoubtedly expand opportunities of cargo transportation throughout the southern region of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Cargo transportation and logistics are the artery of economics. Cargo hub’s creation, except for existing exports of agricultural products, meat and livestock, will open up even greater opportunities for import and export other goods from the Republic of Kazakhstan, requiring fast and reliable delivery, such as medical equipment, auto parts, exotic products, technique, electronics and etc.
Aulie-Ata International Airport is one of the nearest air links among Europe, Central Asia and Southeast Asia countries.
"According to its technical features, an availability of aerodrome equipment and  qualifications of its personnel, the Taraz airport is capable for accepting transport aircrafts of  all types , and today this is a very topical issue for intensive development of cargo infrastructure of the RK," said Daulet Khamzin, Chairman of the Aulie -Ata International Airport.