Egypt will introduce additional charges for air passengers

Created on 21.08.2019 10:24

Egyptian Civil Aviation Ministry has announced an increase in existing charges and the addition of new fees for air passengers, according to the "Association of Tour Operators."
From November 15, 2019, the departure tax will increase, which will apply to all passengers departing on international flights from Egypt. Its amount would be $ 25 (previously $ 20). The cost of tax on domestic routes is $ 5. Besides, air carriers charges for airport services will increase by 15%.
There will be new fees. For example, Egyptian airports will introduce a fee for the implementation of security systems. Each passenger would need to pay $ 2, in Sharm El Sheikh, travelers will pay more - $ 4.
According to Egyptian media reports, the introduction of new fees was facilitated by refusal of European countries to cooperate with Egypt on aviation security issues. According to experts from the tourism industry, the reason is usual lack of money. Egypt has misused loans, which were repeatedly taken for ensuring and implementation security programs, and now using increased aviation fees, they want to receive money for airports modernization.