Boeing has reduced shipments by 38%

Created on 23.08.2019 11:26

Boeing Corporation for the seven months current year, has supplied customers by 38.1% less aircrafts than for the same period last year, follows from data, published on the aircraft corporation website. It is reported by Prime.
Furthermore, during this period, company has delivered 258 aircrafts, while over the same period last year – 417 aircrafts. Moreover, Boeing 737 MAX aircrafts got into main reduction. During the seven months previous year, customers were delivered 298 aircrafts, while current year only 115 aircrafts.
In mid-July, it became known, in the first half of 2019, the net loss of the American concern Boeing Co has amounted to $ 793 million, while a previous year the company received a net profit of $ 4.673 billion, according to the company data.