From October 1, Uzbekistan will allow charter flights to the country

Created on 28.08.2019 10:18

From October 1, 2019, Uzbekistan airports will begin serving charter passenger flights, according to Interfax. The President of the country signed a decree under which global changes in the tourism industry would begin this fall.
All Uzbekistan airports will be opened for charter flights. The document also permits the “open sky” mode introduction at several international airports.
Under the same decree, from January 2020, Uzbekistan plans to cancel visas for another 20 states. Thus, a visa-free regime will be opened to 85 foreign countries. The accounting traveler system will also undergo changes - they will book arriving tourists at the border.
Uzbekistan authorities hope, that such changes will have a positive effect on the tourism industry and will increase the flow of foreign tourists to 10 million people per year.