Shell and British Airways would start producing aviation fuel from garbage

Created on 29.08.2019 11:40

British Airways, Shell energy company and Velocys startup have announced a construction of Europe’s first waste recycling plant for producing an aviation fuel. According to the Velocys official website, concerned with innovative developments in renewable energy, the project investors have submitted a request for construction and are now waiting for an authorities solution.

The plant is planned to be built in the UK, at the mouth of the Humber River. Under the project, the new enterprise will process household and commercial solid waste (about 500 thousand tons per year) and produce from them environmentally pure aviation fuel, which will reduce greenhouse gases by 70%. In addition, using the eco-fuel in aircrafts, would reduce the particulate matter content in the exhaust gases of engines by 90%.

Construction will begin in 2021. Project’s investments amounted to more than 7 million pounds. There are no similar enterprises in Europe, so the plant will become the first manufacturer of that jet fuel type.