The first flight of the Russian-Chinese aircraft CR929 will be held in 2023

Created on 03.09.2019 12:03

The presentation of the first Russian-Chinese CR929 aircraft will be held at the MAKS-2019 International Air Show, TASS reports. According to Maxim Litvinov, Chief Designer of the CR929 program from the Russian side, the test flight is scheduled for 2023, and beyond 2025 it is planned to start deliveries to commercial airlines.
The new project will be presented for both Russian and foreign airlines. It is reported, that in Russia, Aeroflot and Azur Air are interested in the project, and air carriers from China and Serbia abroad.
Activity on a joint project for creating a wide-body CR929 aircraft has begun in 2014.
The Russian United Aircraft Corporation and the Chinese company Comac are carrying out the development. It is planned to create three modifications of the CR929 model: CR929-600 (for 280 passengers), CR929-700 (with an extended fuselage) and CR929-500 (with a shortened one). Manufacturers expect that the new aircraft will compete with Boeing and Airbus aircrafts, and will also be reclaimed among foreign operators.
Project financing from the Russian side is about 600 billion rubles.