New Russian competitor of Boeing and Airbus will be presented at the MAKS-2019 Air Show

Created on 04.09.2019 15:51

The main event of the MAKS-2019 International Air Show will be a presentation of the MS-21, a medium-range passenger aircraft, which is more comfortable for passengers, according to the official website of the event.
The Russian competitor of Boeing and Airbus was created by the United Aircraft Corporation. The use of innovative solutions and the most modern production technologies provided the aircraft with some of the best technical characteristics among its class liners. The weight of the Russian aircraft is lighter, and the wing made of composite materials is longer than the competitors, which significantly improved aerodynamics. There is another advantage over competitors: MS-21 aircrafts emit 20-25% less carbon dioxide (from the calculation on one passenger seat). Noise engines comply with all international standards.
To date, two models of the MS-21-200, designed for 165 passengers, and the MS-21-300 for 211 passengers have been developed. As part of the MAKS-2019 Air Show, three prototypes of the MS-21 will be shown. Medium-haul aircrafts can be seen both in a static parking and in a flight display.